Campsite rules


All visitors of the "Ostseecampingplatz Familie Heide" are welcome! Considerate behavior, mutual comradely tolerance and the observance of necessary instructions of the campsite management are presupposed as basic condition for the camping life, in the interest of all recovery-looking for!

1. access authorization

Every camp guest who has received a transponder wristband on arrival is considered authorized to enter the camp. This personalized transponder serves as a campsite identification card, as a key for the sanitary facilities and for all accesses to the campsite. The ID card is issued to all guests over the age of 6 and must be carried on the site at all times. It must not be left unattended. The badge is issued in different colors, which indicate the respective category of visitors. The pass (transponder) must be returned to the reception desk at the time of departure. The loss of the badge will be charged with € 10,00 and must be reported immediately to the reception, so that the access authorization can be deleted and a new one will be issued.

2. place rest

Daily the night rest from 22:00 to 07:00 o'clock and the midday rest in the time from 13:00 to 15:00 o'clock is to be kept. Any activity causing noise must be stopped during this time. Parents are responsible for ensuring that young people and children also respect the midday rest period. The use of consumer electronics equipment must be done in such a way that it does not cause a nuisance to non-participants. The entrance and exit barrier is closed during the mentioned time. Please call if an emergency requires it so that we can open the barrier for you.

3. access

Cars are allowed to enter the campsite only for arrival and departure, as well as for excursions. Only walking speed (5 km/h) is allowed. The 5 km/h limit also applies to electric scooters and bicycles. (Prohibited: To use the vehicles to the wash house, to the merchant and during the rest periods). Motorcycles and mopeds may only be pushed on the square, (with the engine turned off.) The entry and exit barriers are controlled by license plate recognition. The EDP logs the license plate number of each car each time it passes through. The entrance area is monitored by cameras. The recordings are stored. Who enters, or drives on the camping area, accepts all tariffs, terms of use & the camping rules. During the winter season from October 28th to March 27th the barrier remains closed. 

4. pitch

The distance from the own object (caravan/ awning) to the next object should be a minimum distance of 3 meters or to mobile homes a minimum distance of 5 meters. The distance to the road should be min. 2 meters. All vehicles & trailers must be of such a nature and set up that you can be pulled from the site on your own wheels at any time and caravans can be immediately registered for public traffic. The lessee is responsible and liable for the observance of the distances & mobility. The stakes, supports, iron bars, pegs, etc. may be driven into the ground no more than 30 cm and may not be provided with any foundation. It is forbidden to firmly connect caravans and awnings, this also includes protective roofs over everything that cannot be separated. It is not allowed to extend awnings by additional formwork/standings made of wood, metal or other. Every tenant has to take care that the lawn is always kept short and the object is clean. The water tap (drinking water) at the pitch is only for use water withdrawal. The following uses are not allowed: lawn sprinkling, car washing, caravan washing, etc. In case of a 2nd caravan on the pitch, all the prescribed distances must be respected. Our staff is authorized to enter and inspect your site at any time. Concrete slabs may only be laid if they are level with the grown ground. Laid slabs must be removed when the pitch is abandoned. The laid area must not exceed 15 m2.

5. dirty water

The discharge of dirty water into the ground or into drainage shafts is strictly prohibited. For this purpose, please use the foul water drains, which are located on each pitch boundary. Rainwater must not be discharged into the foul water pipes. The landlord is not liable for damages caused by clogging of the "dirty water" pipes.

6. security

Electricity Electricity connection is allowed only with the permission of the lessor. The point of transfer of risk between the Lessor's electrical system and the Lessee's electrical system is the plug connection at the distribution box. Acceptance shall be permitted only for legally approved equipment and operation shall be carried out with the utmost care. In the event of multiple malfunctions of the Lessee's installation, the Lessor may disconnect the power supply, e.g. to eliminate the defects. Any faults occurring in the Lessee's electrical system shall be remedied as soon as possible within working hours. Claims for recourse cannot be derived from the interruption of the power supply. Electric cars may only be charged at the charging station, not at the parking space. Unauthorized use will be reported to the police.

7. gas safety

A gas test must be carried out on gas equipment in the caravan / motor home every 2 years. This also applies to devices that are connected externally. Only up to 2 pcs. gas cylinders up to 11 kg and max. Gas bottles up to 11 kg and max. 2 liters of flammable liquid may be stored per parking space.

8. open fire

Open fires cannot be permitted under any circumstances for safety reasons. Only charcoal grills are allowed. Fire accelerants, such as spirit, are prohibited. Barbecue ashes may only be poured into the designated container.

9. fire extinguisher

Every tenant is obliged to have a fire extinguisher ready for use, tested by the TÜV.

10. environment

The handling of electricity, water and hot water should be done sensibly, so that the energy costs are not driven up! A waste of precious energy is forbidden in the interest of all guests!

11. dogs

For dog owners: Dogs are only to be kept on a leash! This is valid for the whole area of the camping ground. It is not allowed to take dogs to the beach. For this purpose there is an extra designated dog beach, in the beach area place C, which is also so marked. For the dogs' emergency toilet business, several "dog toilet" stations have been set up on the grounds, where you can obtain & dispose of bags for the dog excrement. Dog feces on the grounds must be removed immediately. Dog showering is only permitted in the dog shower in the entrance area. Each dog owner agrees to abide by these rules. We expressly draw your attention to the fact that violations will be punished with a fine of 50,- € at the first warning. A further offence leads immediately to the expulsion and / or is brought according to the national dog regulation to the announcement. The temporary stay of pets in a rental property, without the supervision or the presence of the owner, is expressly prohibited.

12. sanitary facilities

The sanitary facilities and water points are to be treated with care. Children under 6 years of age should only be accompanied by adults in the sanitary area. Hot water is to be used only in the sanitary areas. No hot water may be brought to the pitches. Willful or avoidable damage and destruction to the facilities, outdoor areas, plantings or inventory will be charged to the perpetrator.

13. lawn mowing / hedge trimming

Lawn mowing is only permitted between 10:00 and 12:00 and between 16:00 and 18:00. Maintenance cutting of hedges may be done starting June 15, paying attention to birds that should not be disturbed in breeding. Lawn and hedge cuttings may not be stored on the pitch. This is to be handed in separately at the recycling center. (see opening hours)

14. order and cleanliness

All users of the campsite have to take care of order and cleanliness on their pitch and its surroundings. In case of unkempt pitches, the lessor may have the pitch cleaned - and if necessary the caravan cleaned - 14 days after a written request at the expense of the lessee.

15. smoking

Due to the current legislation, smoking is not allowed in the gastronomic establishments (closed rooms). Smoking is forbidden in all rental objects, recreational facilities and sanitary areas. The filters of the cigarettes belong in the residual waste.

16. jet-ski & boats

Both are charged with the fee for boats. The use of water ski jets, on the Baltic Sea, is allowed only during the hours of 10:00 to 13:00 and 15:00 to 18:00. The mooring buoys of tenants may be set only in the marked area, at the slipway. (This is allowed from 10.06. onwards. The mooring buoys must be removed by 31.08. of each year). Boats on the campsite must keep the prescribed 3 meter distance. Camping ground rules

17. theft

Personal property, of any kind, must be secured in such a way as to prevent theft.

18. exercise and ball games

Ball games are not allowed on the campsite and between the tents and caravans. The sports fields and the multi-purpose field on the event lawn are available for this purpose. (Excluded during the hours of 1:00 p.m. - 3:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m. - 8:00 a.m.).

19. playgrounds

The children's playgrounds are only for children up to the age of 12. Quiet hours must be observed here as well. Use of the playgrounds is at your own risk, with all due care on our part.

20. visitors, day guests & non-registered persons

Only registered persons are allowed to enter the campsite. Day guests have to buy a day ticket at the reception. Please refer to the price list posted at the Reception & Tourist Information for the prices of visitor fees. Visitors without a day pass will be charged double the daily fee.

21. paths

Paths form fire lanes on the campsite. Each tenant is obliged to keep a distance of 2 meters from the road. On the way it is allowed to stop only for a short time, for loading and unloading (no parking), in principle the car must be parked on the own plot.

22. parking places

The parking lot in front of the barrier is subject to a fee for all guests, except in the winter period from 01 November to 31 March. The fee is paid at the parking machine. There is a holding loop for arriving and departing caravans in the parking lot, which is not paved. Parking is not allowed in this area. Violators will receive a ticket in the amount of 30,- € and will be provided with a parking claw. Parking on non-rented parking spaces is not allowed and will be fined 50,- €.

23. care of the flora and fauna

Preservation, care and protection of the flora and fauna is a natural duty of every tenant. Own powerful alteration of the tree population, damaging the trees by nails, screws, hooks and the like, as well as improper pruning are forbidden. Only native plants are allowed on the premises. (Plants such as thuja & cherry laurel are prohibited) It is strictly forbidden to walk, climb or play in any of the cornfields and the bluffs. Likewise, it is not allowed to steal stones from the beach. The coastal area is located in the protected landscape area and violators must be reported immediately according to the state law on conservation.

24. waste

According to the waste management company of the district Rendsburg - Eckernförde there is the obligation to separate the waste. It should be separated as follows: Paper, composite materials, organic waste, residual waste, glass, diapers. Further information has been handed out to you upon arrival. The garbage place is located in the entrance area, in the parking lot on the left and the disposal is possible during the indicated opening hours. As it is compulsory to separate the garbage, the supervisor is in charge of checking the garbage and, if necessary, is also authorized to refuse to accept it or to charge a fee. (Bulky, special & electric waste will not be accepted.) Depositing garbage on the campsite, own pitch, cliff, beach, grain fields, parking lot or in front of the garbage area is not allowed and will be considered as environmental pollution and will be punished with a fee of 50,- € and a report.

25. filming and photographing on the campsite area and on the beach.

Cameras are installed on the camping area and on the beach for surveillance. Each lessee agrees that the images may be stored and used for clarification in case of misdemeanors or crimes. The lessor is entitled to take photographic images, including aerial photographs, for marketing purposes. Furthermore, for marketing purposes, recordings of the events (animation & entertainment) are made, which could be used in print and social - media, as well as on the homepage of the lessor. If persons or the property of the lessee/visitor can be recognized on the recordings, which are not in the foreground here, the lessee undertakes to agree to the use of the recordings. The use of drones by tenants/visitors must be agreed in advance with the site management.

26 WLAN (Hotspots)

The provision is free of charge up to 2 MBit/s, voluntary and is not part of the contractually agreed service. The transmission speed may be subject to fluctuations and disruptions. As a rule, surfing the Internet and sending and receiving e-mails is made possible at various locations. The Ostsee Campingplatz Familie Heide (lessor) reserves the right to change, limit or discontinue hotspots without prior notice. There is no claim to a specific local coverage of the hotspots. Please note that WLAN does not always make it through trailer or tent walls. Moisture, bushes and trees provide additional "shielding".

27. emergency & security service

The emergency service can be reached at: Reception: 04352-2530 - Night watchman: 015154791576, - Emergency call: 110 (fire department) - 112 (ambulance) Medical on-call service: 116117 - Water police: 04642-9655-902 - No liability can be accepted for personal injury or damage to property. The supervisory and reception staff is responsible for the maintenance of security, peace and order and for compliance with the campsite rules. We ask you to follow the instructions of the staff without any restrictions. Anyone who disobeys them is trespassing and must expect to be expelled or charged with a criminal offense.

28 Liability

There is no claim for damages caused by force majeure, especially fire, storm, lightning or unforeseen events. Other claims for damages against the lessor are excluded. With regard to claims for damages, liability for damages caused by gross negligence and for damages resulting from injury to life, body or health caused by a negligent breach of duty by the Lessor or a vicarious agent shall also remain unaffected. The Lessee shall be liable for damage caused by him and his fellow occupants as well as damage caused by his facilities, installations and equipment. The conclusion of a partial insurance is recommended. The place of jurisdiction for lessee and lessor is Eckernförde.

29. data protection

It is hereby referred to the data protection regulations of our company, which is displayed at the reception and handed out on request. In addition, you can find our privacy policy under the following link:

30. damages due to force majeure / extreme weather conditions

We hereby point out that increasingly extreme weather events, such as drought, heavy rain, thunderstorms, storms and snow, can cause damage that directly or indirectly affects you as a tenant. This also applies to fire. Reference is made to our publicly posted emergency and evacuation plans for this eventuality, which should be followed calmly and prudently in the event of an emergency. Since the campsite, as lessor, is not responsible for these natural events/damage, no travel or rental defects are to be derived from it.

31. Other

The above campsite regulations and behavioral and hygiene rules for the Corona Pandemic are to be followed. We have deducted these for our tenants at the reception and published on our homepage In the case of non-compliance or infringement, the lessor may pronounce a place of space, repeated or severe cases due to its household law. The lessor is entitled in the exercise of the house law to refuse the intake of persons or to refer you to the place if this is necessary to maintain security, peace and order on the space and in the interest of the rest of the guest or if the guest during his Staying staff or other guests offended, the tranquility of the other guests bothers, manifestly manifestly or discriminatory, or behaves, or the inventory of the campsite or the rental objects will be damaged or destroyed. The laceration remains the claim to full lacquer interest in the case of the course references. With any violation of the campsite order, a penalty of 50, - € will be charged. Caravans older than 20 years can not be sold with parking space. Thus, a transcription for these objects is not possible. These pitches must be vacated according to leasing. It is prohibited at the campsite to hatch flags that have a politically extremist or National Socialist reference, which are similar to confusion or on which appropriate symbols are visible. Each tenant undertakes to follow the official regulations of the State Regulation for Camping and Weeks Enclosures Schleswig-Holstein (notice of reception) and this campsite arrangement. We wish all the tenants a nice and pleasant holiday, lots of sun and good rest. Helga and Karsten P. Heide Gbr 


Terms and conditions of the rental/accommodation contract


Dear guests, these are the terms and conditions of the rental/accommodation contract with the Ostseecamping Fam. Heide, company Helga & K.P. Heide GbR, Strandweg 31 in 24369 Klein Waabs (hereinafter referred to as landlord)

I. Conclusion of the accommodation contract

I.1 With the booking, which can be made in person, in writing, by telephone, fax or e-mail, the Guest offers the Lessor the binding conclusion of an accommodation contract.

I.2 The accommodation contract between the guest and the landlord is concluded with the booking confirmation.

I.3 The booking is made by the booking guest, also for all persons listed in the booking, for whose contractual obligations the booking guest is liable as for his own obligations.

I.4 For the landlord, the contract becomes binding only when it is confirmed in writing or electronically. Telephone information, subsidiary agreements and other assurances of any kind whatsoever shall not be binding and shall only become part of the contract if they are confirmed by us in the aforementioned written form.

II. reservations

II.1 Non-binding reservations, which entitle the guest to withdraw free of charge, are only possible with a corresponding express agreement with the landlord. If such an agreement has not been made, the reservation in accordance with Sections I.1 and I.2 shall in principle result in a legally binding contract for the landlord and the guest.

II.2 If a non-binding reservation has been agreed, the guest shall notify the lessor by the agreed date whether the reservation is to be treated as a binding booking. If this does not happen, the reservation is cancelled without further notification obligation by the landlord.

II.3 Changes to the contract, such as subsidiary agreements and additions to the contract, as well as all legally relevant declarations, must be made in writing.

II.4 All accompanying persons are to be specified by name and date of birth at the time of booking for insurance reasons.

III. Prices/ Services

III.1 The valid price list is part of the rental/accommodation contract.

III.2 The prices stated in the reservation (II.) or the accommodation contract (I.) are final prices and include all obligatory additional costs for the rental objects/mobile homes, unless otherwise stated. They are valid per rental object.

III.3 The services owed to the lessor result exclusively from the content of the booking confirmation in conjunction with the valid price list. Should the statutory VAT change, it shall be adjusted accordingly in the rental price.

III.4 The amount of rent and additional services can be found in our price list. We will confirm it in writing. It is considered as firmly agreed. Changes in the actual length of stay do not reduce it. If discounts are claimed, only the highest discount rate applies. Further granting of discounts is excluded.

IV. Payment

IV.1 The lessor may require a deposit according to the booking confirmation.

IV.2. camping: 100,- € deposit immediately after receiving the confirmation. The remaining amount is due 6 weeks before the beginning of the rental period.

IV.3. rentals/mobile homes: 30% deposit immediately upon receipt of confirmation. The balance is due 6 weeks before the beginning of the rental period.

IV.4 All payment dates are printed on the confirmation. We ask for punctual compliance, otherwise your booking will be in jeopardy. If the payment dates are exceeded by more than 7 days, the landlord has an extraordinary right of termination without special prior notice. The guest has to bear the costs according to III.4.

V. Deposit

The landlord makes the transfer of the vacation object dependent on a deposit. The deposit serves, among other things, to secure the interests of the lessor of the vacation home in the event of any damage to the rented property or lack of or inadequate cleaning. Every guest has to pay a deposit of 200,- € in form of a direct debit authorization on the spot. Only when this direct debit authorization is received, the keys for the rental accommodation will be issued. If at the end of the stay it turns out that a damage has occurred, then the amount in question plus a handling fee of 20,- € will be automatically deducted from the guest's account. If the value of the mentioned deductions exceeds the 200,- €, the remaining amount will be charged to the tenant. Should no damage have occurred, the direct debit will be destroyed within three weeks, after departure.

VI. Arrival and departure

Camping: Arrival is possible from 15:00. The departure has to take place until 12:00 o'clock.

Rental object/mobile home: Arrival is possible from 16:30. The keys of the rental object will be handed out at the reception at Ostseecampingplatz Heide from 16:30. Upon departure, please note the following: The object is to be handed over by you neat and clean. This includes: vacuuming/sweeping the floor, cleaning the dishes, cooking pots, cutlery, etc., emptying the refrigerator, disposing of garbage and recyclables such as glass waste and plastic. If the object is not handed over properly, the final cleaning will be charged according to the current price list. The keys are handed over at the reception of the Ostseecampingplatz Familie Heide (see house rules) and must be handed over at the latest on the day of departure at 9:30 am.

Early Bird Discount: In case of departure in the high season, tenants will receive the amount of 10,- € after handing over the key, of the rental objects, on the day of departure before 8:00 am. In case of departure after 9:30 a.m., on the day of departure, 50,- € will be charged for each started hour. There will be no refund in case of early departure.

VI.1. no-show/late arrival

In case of arrival after 9:00 p.m. a notification ( is necessary. Refunds of payments already made are excluded. Otherwise the pitch/mobile home will be assigned to another person from 14:00 on the following day. Refunds of payments already made are excluded. Mobile homes that are not occupied due to non-arrivals can be assigned by the site management without credit. Refunds of payments already made are excluded.

VII Dogs/Pets

The bringing and keeping of pets is only permitted with the prior written consent of the landlord and the payment of the appropriate fee. The landlord reserves the right to withdraw the permission at any time if other guests feel inconvenienced by this. "Dangerous dogs" are not allowed. In accordance with the law on keeping dogs (HundeG) of the state of Schleswig-Holstein, from now on all dogs must be electronically identified with a microchip under the skin in accordance with ISO standards 11784/11785, and must have dog liability insurance: this applies to all dogs on the campsite premises, regardless of origin. For each dog this must be proven, the European pet passport must be carried and a copy must be deposited at the reception or sent in advance electronically or by post with the registration. Dogs must never be left unattended in the rental properties. For bookings of rental properties/mobile homes with dogs we charge a cleaning fee of 30,- €. In addition, a general leash obligation applies on the entire campsite area.

VIII Cancellation and rebooking

VIII.1 In case of withdrawal, the lessor's claim for payment of the agreed travel price remains unaffected. The Lessor shall take into account any other use of the accommodation and saved expenses.

VIII.2 Depending on the date of receipt of a cancellation notice, the following rates shall be charged (in each case as a percentage of the tour price): up to 75 days before departure - 25% of the tour price, up to 45 days before departure - 40% of the tour price up to 30 days before departure - 50% of the tour price, up to 3 days before departure - 80% of the tour price and thereafter or in case of no-show - 100% of the tour price.

VIII.3 Cancellation of the booking must be addressed to the Lessor and should be made in writing in any case.

VIII.4. contract changes are possible in principle, if the lessor agrees. In case of rebooking (in the same calendar year), or changes in the rental contract, a rebooking fee of 30, - Euro will be charged.

 VIII.5 Extraordinary withdrawal and termination:

In case of gross violations of the house rules, Helga & K.P. Heide GbR, as landlord, is entitled to extraordinary cancellation and the guest is obliged to leave the facility immediately. In this case, the guest has no right to a proportional reimbursement of the costs of the stay. The landlord is also entitled to extraordinary cancellation of the contract for objective reasons, for example, if - force majeure or other circumstances for which the landlord is not responsible make the fulfillment of the contract impossible; - bookings are culpably made under misleading or false statements of facts essential to the contract, e.g. the Lessor has reasonable grounds to assume that the use of the accommodation service may jeopardize the smooth operation of the business, the safety or the public reputation of the Lessor, without this being attributable to the Lessor's sphere of control or organization.

VIII.6 The conclusion of a travel cancellation insurance is recommended.

IX. Liability

IX.1 The guest is obliged to treat the inventory, the rental object and the stand with care. He is also obliged to compensate the lessor for any damage caused by him. In this case the additional claim is due immediately.

IX.2 The lessor is not liable for material damages or losses caused to the guest, his fellow travelers or visitors, as far as there is no intentional or grossly negligent behavior of the lessor or his vicarious agents. In particular, not for flora, fauna and weather-related damage. With regard to claims for damages, liability for damages caused by gross negligence and for damages resulting from injury to life, body or health caused by a negligent breach of duty on the part of the lessor or a vicarious agent shall also remain unaffected.

IX.3 In case of burglary in a caravan, a rented object/mobile home (locked), the guest's household insurance or luggage insurance is liable. A burglary must be reported to the police and the landlord immediately upon detection.

IX.4 The guest is also liable for his fellow travelers.

IX.5 The contractual liability of the Lessor for damages that are not bodily injuries (including damages due to violation of pre-contractual, collateral and post-contractual obligations) is limited to three times the price of the stay.

IX.6 The Lessor shall not be liable in the event of impairment prior to the commencement of the journey, during the vacation or of the rented property due to force majeure.

IX.7. the lessor is not liable for incidents for which the guest himself is responsible and/or for which the persons accompanying the guest are responsible.

X. Complaints

The guest is obliged to inform the landlord immediately (within 24 hours after arrival) about defects of the rental object/mobile home. If there is no feedback within the set period, the rental object is considered free of defects. Claims for non-fulfillment of contractual services (especially claims for rent reduction) are then no longer admissible.

XI. WLAN (Hotspots)

The provision is free of charge, voluntary and is not part of the contractually agreed service. The transmission speed may be subject to fluctuations and disruptions. As a rule, surfing the Internet and sending and receiving e-mails is made possible at various locations.

XII. site rules

The house rules and the rules of conduct and hygiene for the Corona Pandemic are to be followed. We have posted these for our guests at the reception desk and published them on our website This is part of the general terms and conditions of guest accommodation. In case of non-observance of the house rules, the landlord is free to make use of the house rules and to withdraw from the rental contract with immediate effect. During the quiet hours from 22:00 to 07:00 and from 13:00 to 15:00 the barrier is closed and any car traffic on the campsite is prohibited. In the quiet hours absolute silence is required, radio, television, loud games, music and festivities in the tents and caravans are to be kept in such a way that they do not disturb the neighbor. Noise and music, on the entire site, is strictly forbidden in the quiet hours. Driving on the site is allowed only with the registered vehicle at walking speed. On the whole site the road traffic regulations are valid. We reserve the right to prescribe a fixed set-up order when setting up the camping, living and other units in order to be able to guarantee compliance with the legally prescribed minimum fire protection distance of 3 meters. In addition, the official regulations for camping and weekend sites in Schleswig-Holstein apply, which are posted at the reception or can be viewed there. Planting of thuja and cherry laurel is prohibited. Open fires cannot be permitted under any circumstances for safety reasons. Only charcoal grills are allowed. Fire accelerants, such as spirit, are prohibited. Barbecue ashes may only be poured into the designated containers. Movement and ball games are not allowed on the site and between the tents and caravans. A sports field is provided for this purpose. Electricity is only supplied to tenants who, as consumers, observe and maintain all VDE regulations. Electricity will be handed over at the electricity meter. Unauthorized withdrawal will be punished by legal action. The reception and supervisory staff will ensure the maintenance of security, peace and order and the observance of the campsite rules. Anyone who resists will be committing trespass. In case of any violation of the campsite rules or camping and weekend site regulations, a penalty of 50,- € will be charged. Additional rules for annual pitches according to the annual pitch contract.

XIII Data protection

With the binding booking and entering the campsite premises, the guest agrees that his personal data collected in the context of customer service for the fulfillment of the accommodation contract and for guest communication and support in the EDP of the landlord or the third party software providers commissioned by him for this purpose will be stored and processed in accordance with DSGVO. The guest acknowledges the privacy policy of the landlord & agent, in which this is detailed and which is published at In case of incorrect behavior on our part, please address your concerns to Tenant acknowledges that portions of the facility are under video surveillance at several locations to protect against vandalism and that the video files are temporarily stored for analysis. The Lessor is entitled to take photographic recordings, in particular aerial photographs for marketing purposes. If persons or property of the tenant are to be recognized here, which are not in the foreground, the tenant undertakes to agree to the use of the recordings.

XIV. Miscellaneous

The guests are obliged to treat the object and its contents with care and to use it only with the contractually agreed number of persons. Reservation of errors: We reserve the right to correct errors such as printing and calculation errors. The place of jurisdiction for both parties is Eckernförde For Helga & Karsten Heide GbR, registered traders, for guests, for persons who do not have a general place of jurisdiction in Germany, as well as for persons who have moved their place of residence or habitual abode abroad after conclusion of the contract or whose place of residence or habitual abode is not known at the time the action is brought, as well as for passive litigation. Validity: from 01.11.2021