Information about the square and the surrounding area

at the tourist information. In the parking lot! Opening hours April to October daily 9:15 to 13:30 and 14:30 to 18:00.


Bookings: Daily 9:00 to 18:00
Reception opening hours: Daily 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.

Garbage dump

next to the tourist information. Opening hours in the main season, small garbage place for household garbage daily from 9:00 to 18:00, the big garbage place daily from 10:00 to 11:00. Only the residual waste 30 liters 2,50€, 60 liters 3,50€, suitable bags are available at the Touristinfo. Bulky waste, electronic waste, paints and varnishes cannot be accepted. Please follow the instructions of the staff: It is compulsory to separate the following at the campsite

Gas bottles  

in exchange or purchase, at the reception.

Our sanitary facilities


In the entrance area, in front of and behind the beach hall (also for wheelchair users), in the main sanitary building A site, behind the beach property (next to Miniby), in the C/D site building, in the Heideby hall (next to the mobile homes)

Showers and family bathrooms (not only for families)

In the main A-place, behind the jetty (next to Miniby), in the C/D place building, in the Heideby hall (next to the mobile homes)

Pure washing cabins

In front of and behind the beach hall (also for wheelchair users), in the main sanitary building A-Platz (new building), in the C/D Platz building (behind the showers)

Washing-up rooms

In the main sanitary building A-Platz, in the C/D Platz building, in the Heideby hall (next to the mobile homes)

Washing machines and dryers

In the main A-place, in the C/D place building, in the Heideby hall (next to the mobile homes), they are used with 3x 1,-€ pieces, instructions are posted.

Cooking facilities

In the main A pitch building, with 2 dishwashers (chargeable). Great kitchen with seating.

Grey water disposal

In the main A-place, on the C/D-place, Camper Clean C/D-place.

Grey water disposal for campers, at the main sanitary A-place

For children

On the whole area you will find 7 playgrounds, have you discovered them all yet?

At the swimming pool, at the sanitary building A-place, Miniby next to the boat place, at the cliff in B-place, the kite meadow, at the end of Heideby and on the event meadow.

Children's entertainment at the back of the reception in the "Rabennest", Cinemaxi (cinema) next to the sea view, indoor playground above the beach hall, opposite the reception.

Youth area with DJ booth in the entrance area behind the kite store.

There is a skater track on the event lawn.

Youth room, above the swimming pool, open only at certain times.

Beach it is a natural and sandy beach situated on a steep coast

There are 2 companionways to the beach, one in the A place near DLRG house, another one in the C/D place area, this one is a bit steeper. Only via this one you can reach the dog beach with your dog. There is also an outdoor shower at both places.

Swimming pool and wellness

The swimming pool with the sauna, opposite the reception. Massages next to the swimming pool.

Bicycle rental

Reservation and payment in the tourist information, here you get more information.


Up to 2 MBit/s with youth protection filter free of charge, once a day you will be logged out, but you can immediately log in again free of charge. If you have problems with logging in, enter on your website. If this does not work either, please contact the LAN1 hotline, which manages the network. Phone 040/3176666. 

The 2 MBit/s is sufficient to check emails, do online banking, Facebook or Whatts App. If you want more data volume to stream movies or use a Playsation you can buy different data packages, you can get these tickets at the reception. 


Fenced dog area, next to the event lawn, now with agility park.

Dog beach, please use the beach access at the C/D site.

There are 8 stations where you can pull and dispose of dog waste bags.

In the parking lot, at the playground by the entrance, at the bluff (by the small pond), at the 2nd beach access C/D site, at the wash house C/D site, at the transition to the mobile homes, at the dog area, at the beginning of the event meadow, you will find another one by our cottages, next to their garbage area.

The dog shower is located in the entrance area at the back of the men's restroom, accessible through the passageway at the reception.

The following dog breeds are not allowed to visit our campsite:
American Pit Bull Terrier. American Staffordshire Terrier, Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Bull Terrier,
as well as mixed breeds among themselves from the 4 breeds mentioned above.

Gastronomy, the gastronomy is leased and is not operated by the site

Winters snack bar in the entrance area

Beach club in the entrance area

Meeresblick in the entrance area

Tommy's beer garden in the entrance area

Strandgut directly at the water next to the boat place

Electric car

Charging of electric cars is not allowed on the whole camping area.

There are 2 charging stations at our parking lot where you can charge your electric vehicle for a final fee when available.
Here are more charging stations in the region.

Ladesäulen über GoingElectric oder Ladesäulen über die Bundesnetzagentur