WLAN Your fast way to the Internet

From 01.04.2022 

The HEIDE FREE WLAN is free of charge up to 2 MBit/s.

Even if you see the WLAN symbol in the display, it does not mean that you are automatically logged into the WLAN. If you can not access the Internet, please try this option first. Enter via your browser login.lan1.de, if it should not work, or you have other problems with the WLAN please contact the hotline of Lan1 phone: 0403176666, the staff will be happy to help you between 8 and 22 clock. This is the only way we can improve our network for you.

The free access includes a youth protection filter to protect children from harmful and dangerous content on the Internet.

This data volume is sufficient to do everyday things, such as banking, Whatsapp, etc.. 

For streaming or to use larger data volumes, an upgrade to HEIDE PREMIUM can be booked.

The time credit is billed to the minute.

Time credit 2 hrs. 3,- €

Time credit 6 hours 7,- €

The time expiration starts at the moment of the 1st login.

Timeout 1 day 3,- €

Timeout 3 days 6,- €

Time lapse 7 days 11,- €

Time lapse 14 days 19,- €

Time expiration 1 month 24,- €

Time lapse 3 months 60,- €

Time lapse 6 months 70,- €

Time expiration 12 months 110,- €


Each purchased ticket can be used by two devices at the same time.


In order to enable your device to access the Internet without a browser, we require the MAC address for activation (subject to a charge).

In case of reception problems of any other kind, USB WLAN adapters are available for a rental fee.

Your fast way into the net
1 Connect to wireless network "HEIDE FREE WLAN", start browser (Chrome/Firefox/IE) and call any website via http.
2 Start page appears automatically depending on end device or call login.lan1.de (without www).
3 Surf for free with 2MBit by clicking on "Confirm". For more bandwidth enter username and password of your voucher.
4 Connection status (time available/time expired/ MAC address) is displayed: You are online! 
You can check your current credit at any time at status.lan1.de. 

POSSIBLE ERRORS Hardware: 1.) Check if your WLAN card is activated. 2.) No start page? Enter login.lan1.de (without www) in the browser

A good time for you 
The rates in time are flat rates, logging out is not necessary. You can reach the start page by entering login.lan1.de (without www) in the address bar of the browser.

You can check your current credit at any time at status.lan1.de.