Up to 2 MBit the use is free of charge

10 MBit/s cost:                                                           25 MBit/s cost:

1 Day 4,00 €                                                                1 Day 8,00 €

3 Days 9,00 €                                                              3 Days 18,00 €

1 Week  15,00 €                                                          1 Week  30,00 €

1 Month 35,00 €                                                         1 Month 70,00 €

3 Months 80,00 €                                                      3 Months 160,00 €

6 Months 120,00 €                                                    6 Months 240,00 €

Each purchased voucher can be used by one device.

Your fast access into the web
1 Connect with wireless Heide-LAN1, start the browser (Chrome/Firefox/IE) and call up any website with http.
2 Depending on the device, the startpage automatically appears or you enter (without www).
3 Surf for free with a 1MBit by clicking on „Confi rm“. For more bandwidth enter the username and password of your voucher.
4 The connection status (time available/time lapsed/ MAC address) is shown: You are online!
You can see your current credit at any time via

Possible error sources Hardware: 1.) Check to see if your WLAN card is activated. 2.) No startpage? Enter (without www) in the browser. Obtain wireless Net access:IP and DNS server address automatically (Start/Settings/Network connections/Wireless Net access/Attributes/Attributes Internet TCP/IP).


Have a good time 
The tariffs are fl at rates over time, logging out is unnecessary. You’ll fi nd the startpage by entering (without www) in the adress bar of the browser.